Bomba Beach Wheels are low pressure inflatable wheels that are designed for transporting kayaks, fishing equipment and many other leisurely beach products with ease on the sand. They have a unique patent design whereby the wheel is designed to lock onto the rim so there is no need for bearings and bushes to make the wheel turn. This is to ensure that there is no real maintenance requirements and costly repairs for the customer. However, we acknowledge that every customer has their own needs and requirements so the option to have to bearings or bushes fitted in the rim for a smoother and free flowing movement, is definitely an option if the customer requires this.


The wheels are manufactured out of heavy duty polyurethane which is extremely durable and have a much thicker walling than other market related products. The wheels are reinforced with an over layer which binds over the wheel to allow for a better grip when rotating on the sand, this also keeps the wheels from changing shape while rotating as well as changing shape over time.


The nuts and bolts that bind the rim together are made from stainless steel and the valve is made from brass to ensure there is no rusting that rapidly occurs. The thick walling of the wheel keep it sturdy and robust on the sand while loaded.  Punctures may be repaired by deflating and removing the wheel completely from the rim, pressing/pinching the hole together and melting the ends together with a soldering iron, hot metal or lighter flame - once it has sealed (melted together) you should allow to cool and the you may inflate the wheel again and check pressure with a low pressure gauge.


The wheels can also be ordered with puncture repair slime inserted as well as set up to correct air pressure. It really is the best choice when it comes to beach wheels!